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Order Del Juez Smith IUKAC

31 Dec 13 - 18:37

Court Order

District of Orange Count
File # 134731
# 111-334
Order to validate a study.
Civil Lawsuit
Whereas this lawsuit against the University Harrys Final judgment entered and kept the jurisdiction. Mr. Luis Flores filed a Civil Complaint. on a Bachelor degree from the University of Harrys online. Which is accredited internationally. But it has no accreditation, <Accreditation Review Physician Assistant and NCCPA. Nego give the certification exam of Physician Assistants to Mr. Luis Flores.

Whereas properly stated a request through an attorney, the court ordered an investigation into the university and their records online. Accreditations, credentials, corporations.

Whereas the firm, Jones & Ford International Education Consulstant I investigate the university degree accreditation to grant.

Whereas the signature Jone & Ford International Education Consulstants investigated the bachelor degree in Physician Assistant and Applied Science, transcriptions of Credits, Credentials Verification of all curriculum classes one by one. 3.72 GPA, Points 483, 130 EHRS Cum, University Exam proporcionaldos by Harrys University, Letters of intership and 2400 hours of extership.

Whereas the University Harrys online, this due incorporated and internationally accredited.

Considering all the evidence is verified by Judge Robert Smith in this final judgment. This Honorable Court This Court issues an order.

1. NCCPA certification examination given Physician Assistants to Mr Luis Flores <PANCE>
Find law suite 12000 road 100
John Creek, GA, 30097
Two. That Harrys University pays for attorney fees paid by Mr. Luis Flores in the amount of $ 1.600 U.S. Dollars.
Three. That the University Pay at Harrys fees paid to Jone & Ford International Education Consulstants. For $ 1450.00 Dollars. research for education services.

Date June / 23/2013
By the Court


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