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Duchy Of Samogitia

23 Jan 14 - 21:00

News  La Gaceta

Rey Ludwig Falkensstein , Reino De Nueva Espana Es Hispano ,Pero nacido En El Grand Dukedom Pomeranian And Livonian<Poland> Grand  Duke Of Samogitia

I am Ludwig Falkenstein Grand Prince Of Pomeranian And Livonian Note< I am part of Grand Dukedom Pomeranian And Livonian.
Doctor Of Sciences Graduate of Brandelton ,Florida.   
Doctor Honoris Causa ,Holistic Medicine
Colonel Of Imperial Guard Of the Military Merit Of Livonia. 
King of the Kingdom of New Spain  ,       I haveI  The Nobility Title     in the Reino Nueva Espana. <<<Title Registration Sales.>
Duchy of Samotigitia< Duke Of Samogitia >  Original Title Is Duchy Samogitia, and  all titles of Samogitia.        I I have The Title  For Registration <sales>
Lord of Wansley Manor <England>               
Lord Of Blackwook  <Scotia>     
I am work in Our Government  <  Human Rights >  , Our court  resolved a few case.  7. Case.Human Rights
I create a few organization        for engineering   and  Medicine   I want create  in my government a Chamber a commerce for promote bussines local and international , Phisical and internet.
I create The money currency Of Dukedom Pomeranian and Livonian.  Social and Capital coins.
I am  Word Citizens 

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